Let Source Kitchen organize everything you need for your next event if you can't find what you need from our latest product list, please contact the team and we can source it from either our Matakana studio or for larger events we have our trusted vendors from around the north island.  


Natural Salad Bowl

20cm Salad Bowl

$2 per day

Family Platter

32cm Wooden

$4.50 per day

Wine Barrel Platter

Wine Barrel with top

$50 per day

Pudding Bowls

Pudding Pots

China Pudding Pots

$2 per day

Sauce Jug

330ml Sauce Jug

$2.50 per day

Eathy Dinner Plate

21cm Dinner Plate

$2.50 per day

Raman Bowl

15cm China Bowl

$2 per day

Crock Pot

2.5 Litres 

$10 per day

Source Kitchen Hong Kong Bowls en

Noodle Bowl

10cm Hong Kong Bowl

$2 per day

Black & Gold

Family Style Dinner Platter 

$5 per day

Royal Blue 

10cm Bowl 

$2.50 per day

Marble Platter

Italian Marble Platter 

$20 per day

Retro Dinner Plate

27cm Dinner Plate

$2.50 per day

Source Kitchen Matakana Dinner Plate

Luxe Dinner 

30cm China Plate

$4 per day

Flat Platter

40cm Salad Platter

$5 per day

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